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Welcome to Leona's One of a Kind Designs 

Unique designs created just for you and your furry friends.  Each item we create is different and you get to take part in the design process, so you won't see someone else with your specially designed product!

Leona's Coats and Jackets

These fabulous coats and jackets are made to fit your measurements and can be designed in a variety of colors, collars, cuffs, and lengths.  *Call about the opportunity for a virtual shopping tour for your coat material

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Mad Hare - for Rabbits

Bibitts and Babbits, we make it for rabbits!  Show aprons, cage covers, bags, and wraps - all can be custom embroidered with your name or rabbitry logo.

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The Classy Hound

Spoil your special friend with unique, custom collars, bed warmers, food mats, and can get pillows, table runners, and key chain poop bag holders for you while you are at it.  

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