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Bunny Wraps and Roos

Our Bunny Wraps and Roos will take the stress out of giving medication and clipping nails for both you and your rabbits. Cuddle your babies in our Roo while you bottle feed them and they will feel warm and secure.  Use our Bunny Wrap to hold your rabbit securely  while you cut its nails, or give  medications.  Both our Roos and our Bunny Wraps are made of soft, doubled flannel, and have Velcro closures.  Watch the video below the product listing to get great tips on using the Wrap to clip nails from Lilli of Lilli's Lops Rabbitry.

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Watch Lilli of Lilli's Lops teach you how to clip your rabbit's nails - stress free using our fabulous Bunny Wrap